Library Technology Classroom & Other Study Rooms

Hackney Library has many rooms available for group meetings and individual study. Anyone can use the rooms. However, reservations are limited to faculty, official student organizations, and tutoring.

For faculty seeking supplementary information literacy instruction, please see our Library Instruction page.

Library Technology Classroom (1st floor)

The classroom features an interactive Promethean ActivBoard with ceiling-mounted projector and an ActivSlate for mobile use throughout the classroom, as well as ActivExpress interactive voting technology (32 clickers)

Instructors can use the HP TouchSmart computer, wireless keyboard, mouse, and printer to deliver interactive instruction to their students. In addition, we can furnish the room with netbooks, essentially creating a computer lab.

Capacity: 20-25

Small Group Study Rooms (2nd floor)

These rooms are ideal for small groups and one-on-one tutoring.

They have blackboards, and chalk is available at the circulation desk. Both rooms are equipped with A/V stations, allowing users to play VHS or DVDs.

Capacity: 4-6

Single Person Study Rooms (2nd floor)

Whimsically nicknamed "Monk Rooms," these one person study rooms are intended for students who want no interruptions while they work on their research.

The library has 12 chambers and 6 are equipped with desktop computers. Because these are single person rooms and their popularity, the Monk Chambers cannot be reserved; i.e. solitude is "first come, first served."

Last Updated: November 29th, 2016