Print, Scan, and Copy


Black & White
  • LibBlack
  • or
  • LibUp(2nd Floor)
Cost: 25¢ per page.
  • LibColor
Cost: 50¢ per page

See circulation desk with help printing flyers, brochures or using special paper types

Print Quota
Students are allotted 200 free pages per semester. You can add print quota at the circulation or reference desk (cash or check only). Add print quota using a card at the business office.

Check Quota


Scanning is free to everyone. The scanner in the Learning Café will scan color or B&W and you can then email the resulting file to yourself. It will scan all materials, as long as they fit on the glass. Scans can be output in PDF, JPEG, or TIFF. There are instructions next to the scanner if you want to try it yourself, but feel free to ask for assistance at the circulation desk.


The library has one copier. Black&White are 10¢ per copy. Color are 25¢ per copy. The copier accepts both change and dollar bills.

Save your quota!!!

Choose the right printer!
If you're in a lab, or another building, your profile might have a different printer set as the default. For most programs, after selecting "Print," you can select a printer from a dropdown menu.
Can't find a printer?
This icon is on the desktop. If you can't see any library printers, double click on the icon to re-install them.
Scan instead of copy!
Remember: scanning is free. You can scan files, papers, and book chapters directly to your e-mail, share scans amongst group members, and more.
Last Updated: November 29th, 2016