Library Research Guides ("LibGuides")

Have you ever wished that all the reliable, academically-sound information resources you’d ever need for a specific assignment, topic, or discipline were at your fingertips, gathered together in one place? Well, your wish has now been granted: Hackney Library LibGuides!

What are "LibGuides"?

LibGuides is a service from Springshare that many college and university libraries (including Hackney Library) subscribe to that allows libraries to group high quality, academic information resources together in a customized “portal” environment so that students and faculty have what they need on any given topic in one location.

Subject Guides

The Subject Guides pull together in one location information resources pertaining to various disciplines that were previously spread across multiple pages on the library’s web site such as books; online journal, magazine, and newspaper article databases; academic research-worthy web sites; and more. In addition, the Subject Guides now include dynamic elements such as RSS feeds from journals important in various fields, which were not previously available through the Hackney Library site.

Course Guides

In addition to the Subject Guides, Hackney librarians are also using LibGuides to format even more specific “Course Guides” for individual courses and even individual assignments within those courses. Course guides are created for professors who request Information Literacy Instruction.

Faculty Involvement

Suggest a Resource

We encourage faculty to suggest resources they would like to see added to these guides as well. To suggest a resource contact your guides' librarian (on the homepage of each guide).

Campus Connect
In addition, we encourage faculty who use Campus Connect to incorporate direct links to these LibGuides into their own e-Racer courses, so students can access them either from the library’s home page or from their own professors’ courses on Campus Connect.

Subject Guides

Last Updated: November 29th, 2016