Hackney Library's Plan for Information Literacy

Hackney Library’s Plan for Information Literacy: General Education Core is built on the Association of College and Research Libraries guidelines, which define an “information literate person” as one who can:

  1. Determine the extent of information needed
  2. Access the needed information effectively and efficiently
  3. Evaluate information and its sources critically
  4. Incorporate selected information into one’s knowledge base
  5. Use information effectively to accomplish a specific purpose
  6. Understand the economic, legal, and social issues surrounding the use of information, and access and use information ethically and legally
"Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education." Association of College and Research Libraries website. 31 May 2012

Our Information Literacy efforts also support Barton College’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), which includes the following “characteristics of effective writing”:

    Research (if required)
  1. Thorough research, demonstrated through the incorporation of appropriate, diverse and reliable evidence from printed books and journals as well as from electronic sources.
  2. Substantial analysis of sources’ arguments, avoiding reliance on undigested quotations.
  3. Smooth integration of quotations and paraphrases into the writer‘s prose.
    Documentation (if required)
  1. Internal citation of all summarized, paraphrased, and quoted information in the required documentation style.
  2. Correct bibliographical entries.
Pathways: Barton College Pathways to Achieve Writing Success. Barton College Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). Barton College, 2008, 27.

This same emphasis on quality student research and critical thinking, is found in Barton’s current Strategic Plan, which calls for, “…becoming more intentional about supporting student participation in scholarship activities,” and stresses the need to assess and improve critical thinking skills in students.1 Students must master all six of the ACRL’s Information Literacy Standards in order to conduct effective research, as defined in Barton’s QEP and Strategic Plan.

The library’s Plan for Information Literacy Instruction integrates the ACRL standards into the curriculum. All freshmen are introduced to search and retrieval skills (Standards 1 and 2), evaluation and analytical strategies (Standards 3, 4, and 5), and the concepts of intellectual property and attribution (Standard 6) through First Year Seminar and English 102. The plan also calls for helping students develop and sharpen these skills as they move into their majors.

Last Updated: July 7th, 2017