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    • Terrorism & Preparedness Data Resource Center (TPDRC)

    • The Terrorism & Preparedness Data Resource Center (TPDRC) is housed at the University of Michigan's Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR). TPDRC archives and distributes data collected by government agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and researchers about the nature of intra- (domestic) and international terrorism incidents, organizations, perpetrators, and victims; governmental and nongovernmental responses to terror, including primary, secondary, and tertiary interventions; and citizen's attitudes towards terrorism, terror incidents, and the response to terror. It also organizes and streamlines access to extant research and administrative data from across the world that are relevant to the study of terrorism and the response to terrorism for descriptive and scientific analysis by academics and researchers.
    • Subjects: Criminal Justice/Criminology, Social Science
    • Type: Government Resources, Historical/Primary Resources, Statistics
    • Terrorism (Council on Foreign Relations)

    • The Council on Foreign Relations, an independent non-partisan thank-tank and publisher, provides links on its Terrorism page to a variety of sources, including primary documents, op-ed pieces, testimony, interviews, and more relating to terrorism. The information is sortable by date, publication, and by region.
    • Subjects: Criminal Justice/Criminology, History, Social Science
    • Type: Current Events, Government Resources, Historical/Primary Resources