Circulation Policies

Loan Periods

Loan periods may vary based on patron type. Click on the patron type below to view specific loan periods.

Magazines and Journals

Magazines and journals may only be checked out by college faculty and staff. Any other removal of such material from the library will be considered as theft. Mutilation or the tearing out of pages from a magazine will also be considered as theft. When the library identifies a student as having stolen or mutilated a magazine or journal, he/she will be billed for the cost of a single issue of that periodical or if that cannot be determined, $10.00. Unpaid student bills of this nature will result in blocks on registration and transcripts.

In relation to the use of library materials, property, equipment, furnishings, etc., members of the Barton community are bound by the Student Honor Code as stated in the Barton College Course Catalog. Behaviors covered by the Honor Code include but are not limited to the following: stealing or mutilating library materials, damaging or defacing library property, computers and other library equipment, etc.


Patrons are entitled to two renewals on items. However, if a hold has been placed on the item, then a renewal will not be allowed. You many request a renewal by calling the circulation desk, (252) 399-6500. However, overdue items CANNOT be renewed over the phone. Overdue items must be returned to the library to ensure the items have not been lost or damaged.

Holds and Recalls

If a book you need is checked out, you may request at the Circulation Desk that the book be held for you upon its return. If the book has been checked out for at least two weeks, you may ask for it to be recalled. All patrons are eligible to request a hold on materials currently checked out. Only Barton College students, faculty, and staff are eligible for recall privileges.

  • In either case, you will be notified when the book is available, and it will be held for you at the Circulation Desk.
  • Books needed for Reserve take precedence over any other need and may be recalled at any time.
  • Recalled books not returned within 7 days are fined at the rate of $1.00 per day per book.

Overdue Notices

Overdue and billing notices are mailed or e-mailed as a courtesy. NOTE: Failure to receive overdue notices or bills does not absolve the patron from fines. There are four types of notices:

  • Courtesy Notices: A reminder that the material is due within the week.
  • Recall Notices: A notification that a book has been recalled and must be returned immediately.
  • Overdue Notices: A notification that a book is overdue and must be returned or renewed. Patrons are sent 2 over due notices. The first is sent the day after a material is due. The second is sent two weeks after the material is due.
  • Billing Notices: A summary of all fines and replacement charges.

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Materials

All patrons are responsible for the materials that they borrow and will be fined for lost, stolen, or damaged items. Items is not returned or renewed within 3 weeks from it's original due date will be deemed lost. Patrons will be responsible for paying the replacement cost and billing fee of such items.

Theft or mutilation of library materials by Barton faculty, staff, and students also constitutes a violation of the Barton College Honor Code and will be treated accordingly, in addition to the above penalties.

In the event that a community patron steals or mutilates a magazine or journal or refuses to pay for a lost book, his/her library privileges will be immediately revoked and this behavior will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

Materials Claimed Returned
To have fine removed for items-claimed-returned, patrons must write a letter of appeal and make an appointment with the Dean of the Library, Robert Cagna.

Fines and Replacement Charges

Replacement charges for all materials are based on average cost per item. Patrons will be expected to pay the replacement cost, plus billing fees and/or fines.

Patrons may pay the total lost item bill, or replace the item with a copy acceptable to the Collections and Access Services librarian and pay only the billing fee. Lost items are not subject to appeal. If lost items are returned or if a material is returned after 30 days from it's original due date, patrons will receive a $5.00 billing fee instead. Unpaid student bills may result in blocks on registration and transcripts.

Replacement Charges

  • Books: $65
  • Reference Materials: $100
  • Audiovisuals: $150
  • Periodicals/Newspapers: $25

Payment of library bills
Fines and replacement charges may be paid in cash or by check at the Circulation Desk. Checks should be made payable to "Barton College." Checks may also be mailed in with a copy of your bill to:

ATTN: Circulation Supervisor
Hackney Library
Barton College
P.O. Box 5000
Wilson, NC 27893-7000

Registered Barton students may pay bills with a credit card by:

  1. taking a copy of their library bill to the Barton College business office and making the payment,
  2. bring a receipt of payment back to the circulation desk.
Failure to bring a receipt of payment from the business office may result in a temporary hold on the account.

Suspension of Library Privileges

The library reserves the right to suspend a patron's borrowing privileges. Causes for this action include overdue books, fines, unpaid lost book(s) or other library item(s), and/or failure to respond to recall notices within a timely manner.

Last Updated: August 25th, 2017