Library Liaisons

Hackney librarians have the opportunity to work with Barton College academic departments and schools to ensure that the library is meeting the academic needs of its students and faculty. The major functions of a liaison are...

  • Communicate regularly with faculty in their schools or departments about recent acquisitions in their disciplines. They share publication catalogs, book reviews and other announcements relating to monographs, print and electronic journals, and research databases and seek input on purchasing decisions.
  • Monitor their schools’ or departments’ purchases, regularly report the balances to Library Committee representatives, and work with faculty to expend these funds in a timely and responsible manner.
  • Monitor and coordinate collection development for disciplines within their schools or departments. This includes selecting books and other materials and weeding materials in collaboration with teaching faculty, as outlined in the library’s policies.
  • Develop a general working knowledge of research trends within the disciplines of their schools or departments. This can include attending subject area conferences, collaborating with faculty on papers and presentations, reading in the schools’ or departments’ content areas, and reading book reviews and other publication catalogs within the schools’ or departments’ content areas.
  • Report regularly to their schools or departments on the library’s information literacy program, its goals and objectives, and its plans and progress in integrating the program into the curriculum. They answer questions and make referrals for faculty who have specific questions and bibliographic instruction needs.
  • Attend school or departmental events and keep the rest of the library staff informed of these events.
  • As much as possible, liaisons serve as personal research consultants for junior and senior seminar students, independent study projects, and capstone projects.


Robert Cagna
Ann Dolman
Rich Fulling
Joshua Newport
Last Updated: November 6th, 2017